Wills and Probate

Wills and Probate


Have you made a Will?  Have you made a Will but your circumstances have changed?

Why make a Will?  There are many reasons including:


  • There are financial reasons for making a Will.  If you die without making a Will your assets will be distributed according to law rather than your wishes.  This may mean a partner receiving less money or your money going to family members who may not need it.
  • You can nominate Guardians to look after your children if you die before they become 18
  • You can give away gifts to people or causes you care about
  • If you aren’t married your partner will not automatically inherit everything you would wish them to have, unless you make a Will

Although it is possible to write your own Will without the help of a Solicitor, this is generally not advisable as there are various legal formalities that you will need to follow to ensure your Will is valid.  Without the help of a Solicitor who is an expert in this field, there is a real risk you could make a mistake which could cause problems for your family and friends after your death at what will already be a stressful time for them.  Experience tells us that in only a small minority of cases Wills are as straightforward as clients think.  Common issues include Inheritance Tax, family members who are disabled or who have financial difficulties, or couples who have children from a previous marriage.

It is not as expensive as you might think.  Call for a quote or complete the online Will questionnaire which is available at your request from info@chamberlainmartin.com or click the following link to download the questionnaire and complete in your own time. Please follow this link to view the Will questionnaire word document.  Simply email it to Claire Bodington at our Bognor Regis office, or Susan Rutherford at our Littlehampton office, or drop it into one of our offices and we will get in contact with you shortly thereafter.

Our Will charges start from £125 + VAT for a standard Will and £180 + VAT for a mirror Will and we will store your will in our deeds facility free of charge.


On death, the Executors named in the Will of the deceased (or the administrators where there is no Will) are responsible for dealing with the administration of the estate, which includes implementing the provisions of the Will.

The role of Executor can include organising the funeral, ascertaining details of the assets and liabilities, preparation of Inheritance Tax forms, paying Inheritance Tax, obtaining a Grant of Probate required to release assets and transfer or sell property, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

We can alleviate the burden by acting on your behalf.  Our probate department deals with a wide range of Estates, large and small, simple or complicated.  We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible, but family problems or difficulties with assets and liabilities or Tax complications can arise, and all our experience helps guide and support you through what can be a stressful time.  If you are an Executor appointed in a Will and would rather deal with most things yourself, we can obtain the Grant of Probate on your behalf and you can do the rest, we can do as much or as little as you want us to.

We can also help you to make tax savings, for example varying the Will by Deed of Variation which could save you thousands of pounds.

Where an Estate includes a family home and the Executors decide to part with the property, our Conveyancing Department can deal with the sale.

The Department’s work includes:

  • Acting as Executors
  • Assisting in the Administration of an Estate
  • Advising on Intestacy
  • Advising Beneficiaries
  • Preparing Inheritance Tax Accounts
  • Dealing with Income Tax Deeds of Variation
  • Payment of Debts
  • Creating Trusts and settlements


Please contact our Private Client Department for a quote, we offer both fixed fees and hourly rate charges depending on what clients prefer and what is best in your particular case. Please contact Emma Lake or Karen Shea at our bognor office Telephone 01243 825211

Inheritance Tax

Chamberlain Martin can offer comprehensive advice on all matters relating to Inheritance Tax